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Evironman - earths one and only true super hero, wakes up after a long slumber only to find his beloved planet left in shambles by pollution. Antarctica has melted due to global warming and most major cities have been drowned in the toxic ocean. Earths original inhabitants have long left for another planet while the remaining wildlife has adapted to the toxic environment, leaving Environman - earths last hope - to deal with the consequences humans left behind.

A W S D - Movement keys
Left Mouse - Attack
Scroll wheel - Cycle weapon
Use ALT+F4 to quit the game. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

A Coventry University TakeOver Game Jam submission
With the theme of environmentalism, this game is a demonstration of what could happen if humans won't stop polluting  earths atmosphere.

Development Team
Artic, Lemin, Lukas Pareščius, Liutauras Stučinskas (Ucvex), Tomas Daškevičius (Veynam)

Known Issues
Player hands are floating in the air/not connect the edge of the screen.
Player wont die when his health depletes to zero.


Environman.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

Download Environman.zip,  extract the archives contents, and double click on environman.exe to play

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